Why Handmade?

Why spend unrealistic amounts of cash on cheap and flimsy stamped and mass produced items when you can depend on us for handcrafted hand-made durable quality products. We take great pride in our workmanship servicing you our cutomers. We want you to return to us for more business being a totally happy satisfied customer and to tell others about us here at “Handmadedirectly.com”, and our other  websites.

In a world of machined and pattern run production, it is hard to find an extraordinary item or gift that stands out in both quality and durability. Here at E&L Enterprise LLC all our items are hand-made and handcrafted. Many of our gifts and products are one of a kind, custom made or are of a limited quantity.  Specialty items that will touch you, your family and your friends making us simple to remember when that special occasion for gifts and gift giving is wanted and needed dependably from us.

Our CRAFTS range from Furnishings to home decor. Whether it be Ornamental or that special toy for a child. We will design your order for Indoors or outdoor use. We even custom design certain funiture to fit that awkward area of your home per your specifications from our catalog. E&L Enterprise is your one stop shop for personal unique gifts.


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