This month at Handmade Gifts by E&L Enterprise LLC

For the past few weeks we worked on four Holiday Jewelry Earrings. Each made with Swarvoski high quality crystals and Sterling Silver findings with Silver Plated pewter bows and wings. We had investigated all kinds of beads from different makers and did not find but two that actually have a gem style luster and sparkle making them hard to distinguish from Ruby and Diamond without close inspection. The other bed maker is from Australia and there process is what is called “fire polished”. They are not a true crystal but a glass but also of a high standard.

Most costume Jewelry or Childrens Jewelry is comprised of “Plastic Beading”, not suitable for the design and effects our Jewelry was to be made from though yes very inexpensive. We then researched Jewelry “findings”. These are what fasten, connect and denote the Jewelries use and are in many forms from split rings to poured and machine punched metal castings. They can range from Aluminum to Gold. We decided to keep in the material structures of Sterling Silver and Plated Pewter in keeping with a high quality yet reasonably priced product line. Gold is too out of reach for us presently as well as real diamonds, though we are venturing into Precious stones, Gems and other special materials for designs.

In our Holiday Earring line just released. We used “Sterling Silver .025 inch French Ear Wire, Sterling Silver 2 inch Plain Head Pins, Swarovski Elements Bi-cone, Round, and Pear Shaped Crystal AB Beads and Silver Plated Bow and Wing Beads”.

We will be adding more items to our site when available and we will keep you posted as to when this happens.
Please stop by and check out what we do have.


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