First Year going by

We started up the Hand Crafted Business and though we are struggling as is the economy. We feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. One day we are hoping to open a real shop with a crafting area with employees who specialize in the wood crafting expertise locally here in Chelmsford. Too fast a move but we did look into Billerica and a vacant car dealership building of which again if it was affordable would have the shop out back with a showroom in the front area. Our Jewelry sold off well with the help of, yup you got it, E-Bay. We wish we could afford advertising but for what we earned and the material cost we broke even with little profit. Not good, but if we do not keep trying and giving of our time then we must fold which is not as I was ever taught to do. This summer we are focusing on some changes. Our Jewelry line will remain “Holiday” crafted pieces for now. I am looking for input on wood crafts that make great gift ideas. Soon I will be promoting some craft images that we are making and they will be made available to customers when ordered. We do not have a gallery or a place to show our works as of yet to include storing made products. This does keep our prices down and with less overhead which is a plus. I keep hearing of small business start up funds and grants from our beloved government but have yet to see or hear of anything in “real action”. So until something comes up promising we are what we can be for now. A very small custom craft business but only on the internet as far as sales though we are Zoned Commercial and carry a business certificate. Thank you Mr. Cohen and our local government for this small tribute in helping. See you soon….


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