Carriage House Farm and Gift – April 2013

  Well, Spring is here and we are in full throttle mode setting up flats of Cole crops, Herbs, and Flowers. For those not knowing what is involved starting seed in a residential environment for commercial production on a low monetary budget it’s hell. My most stressful time. Seeding and waiting for the germination showings. Time is everything. To seed a 512 cell tray it can take 10 minutes to several hours. If the seeds are not to small I can use my seed wand I made to vacu-seed trays. If the seeds would get sucked up being too small, I spend tedious hours with a pair of tweezers planting cell by cell seed after seed.

  When days go by in most cases the germination occurs between 7-14 days and this brings about where there may be empty cells of no growth. This is another timed variable that is touchy as here in Massachusetts our growing season is already short lived never mind re-seeding in hopes maturing plants fall into the production seasons needs and not become a way side waste of time.

  May the balancing act begin, no pun intended but once the plants become established they are moved from starter cells to mini-pots. From here they will go outside to “harden off” before transplanting one more time into there permanent residence in the garden. This year i’m supporting enough growing to sell at the Farmer’s Market, my Roadside Stand, and a local restaurant. So far this amounts to 1000 vegetable starts, 1024 Herb starts, and 1500 Floral starts. Only to start again planting out the same by seed in two weeks.

   While growing is not the only commerce readying going on here. I am working hard and long hours making by hand wood, metal, and glass crafted items, Candles, Soaps, Jewelry making and so on.

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Follow-up of Westfords Green Fair

If you missed this you missed out on some really good info that impacts our daily lives and future.
There were heathy foods, certified organic beauty products, solar water, wind and electrical exhibits and learning seminars. Kids were not left out. They enjoyed craft makings and a lot more.
We had a great time at the show as a vendor of reusable recycled goods. The workshops, the people the whole show was fantastic. We are looking forward to other shows this year as well as the years to come. E&L Enterprises, LLC has added a “Going Green” Line of products. Our goals are being met and added upon weekly. Visit us often:

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First Year going by

We started up the Hand Crafted Business and though we are struggling as is the economy. We feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. One day we are hoping to open a real shop with a crafting area with employees who specialize in the wood crafting expertise locally here in Chelmsford. Too fast a move but we did look into Billerica and a vacant car dealership building of which again if it was affordable would have the shop out back with a showroom in the front area. Our Jewelry sold off well with the help of, yup you got it, E-Bay. We wish we could afford advertising but for what we earned and the material cost we broke even with little profit. Not good, but if we do not keep trying and giving of our time then we must fold which is not as I was ever taught to do. This summer we are focusing on some changes. Our Jewelry line will remain “Holiday” crafted pieces for now. I am looking for input on wood crafts that make great gift ideas. Soon I will be promoting some craft images that we are making and they will be made available to customers when ordered. We do not have a gallery or a place to show our works as of yet to include storing made products. This does keep our prices down and with less overhead which is a plus. I keep hearing of small business start up funds and grants from our beloved government but have yet to see or hear of anything in “real action”. So until something comes up promising we are what we can be for now. A very small custom craft business but only on the internet as far as sales though we are Zoned Commercial and carry a business certificate. Thank you Mr. Cohen and our local government for this small tribute in helping. See you soon….

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This month at Handmade Gifts by E&L Enterprise LLC

For the past few weeks we worked on four Holiday Jewelry Earrings. Each made with Swarvoski high quality crystals and Sterling Silver findings with Silver Plated pewter bows and wings. We had investigated all kinds of beads from different makers and did not find but two that actually have a gem style luster and sparkle making them hard to distinguish from Ruby and Diamond without close inspection. The other bed maker is from Australia and there process is what is called “fire polished”. They are not a true crystal but a glass but also of a high standard.

Most costume Jewelry or Childrens Jewelry is comprised of “Plastic Beading”, not suitable for the design and effects our Jewelry was to be made from though yes very inexpensive. We then researched Jewelry “findings”. These are what fasten, connect and denote the Jewelries use and are in many forms from split rings to poured and machine punched metal castings. They can range from Aluminum to Gold. We decided to keep in the material structures of Sterling Silver and Plated Pewter in keeping with a high quality yet reasonably priced product line. Gold is too out of reach for us presently as well as real diamonds, though we are venturing into Precious stones, Gems and other special materials for designs.

In our Holiday Earring line just released. We used “Sterling Silver .025 inch French Ear Wire, Sterling Silver 2 inch Plain Head Pins, Swarovski Elements Bi-cone, Round, and Pear Shaped Crystal AB Beads and Silver Plated Bow and Wing Beads”.

We will be adding more items to our site when available and we will keep you posted as to when this happens.
Please stop by and check out what we do have.

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Crafts by E&L Enterprise LLC

New Newengland based business going live online November 21, 2009. We looked at everything going on in the economy and feel our skills and experience outway the down turn that took place

Web Link

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Why Handmade?

Why spend unrealistic amounts of cash on cheap and flimsy stamped and mass produced items when you can depend on us for handcrafted hand-made durable quality products. We take great pride in our workmanship servicing you our cutomers. We want you to return to us for more business being a totally happy satisfied customer and to tell others about us here at “”, and our other  websites.

In a world of machined and pattern run production, it is hard to find an extraordinary item or gift that stands out in both quality and durability. Here at E&L Enterprise LLC all our items are hand-made and handcrafted. Many of our gifts and products are one of a kind, custom made or are of a limited quantity.  Specialty items that will touch you, your family and your friends making us simple to remember when that special occasion for gifts and gift giving is wanted and needed dependably from us.

Our CRAFTS range from Furnishings to home decor. Whether it be Ornamental or that special toy for a child. We will design your order for Indoors or outdoor use. We even custom design certain funiture to fit that awkward area of your home per your specifications from our catalog. E&L Enterprise is your one stop shop for personal unique gifts.

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